Notmusik - archive

Notmusik was broadcast from February till April 2004 on RebootFM in Berlin.
This cd provides a cross-section of the archive of the show.
Featured on this cd are all the blind dates: our weekly item in the show where our guests, who had never played together before, did a live improvisation in the studio.
Additionally, the presentation of the Berlin label "Apostrov" is featured on this cd.
Finally, all the different jingles created for the program and for the Radiokampagne are available.
The program was created by Seamus o'Donnel, Kate Donovan and Marije Baalman.
Supported by Radiokampagne and RebootFM.

Blind Dates:

15-02 - Gail Priest & Mangrove Kipling - play (30m11s)
22-02 - Vagina Jones, Julius Stahl & Stubnitz - play pt. 1 (without Stubnitz) (18m35s), play pt. 2 (with Stubnitz) (31m20s)
29-02 - Julius Stahl, Unkuentz & Pablo - play pt. 1 (25m31s), play pt. 2 (15m02s)
07-03 - Daniel Teige & mobs - play (14m34s)
14-03 - Gerald List & David Ly - play (26m00s)
21-03 - Dave Sills: performing three pieces:
11-04 - Jeremy Clarke & Thomas Charbonnel - play (43m27s), introduced by the piece "Sozialhilfe" of Jeremy Clarke (18m25s)
18-04 - Marc Lingk, Hilary Jeffery, Sukandar Kartadinata and Matthes Hermann - play pt. 1 (20m31s), play pt. 2 (1m40s), play pt. 3(12m46s)
25-04 - Lifeloop, Kate Donovan & mobs - play (27m18s)